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CrimeStopper SV-9155

Crimestopper Replacement Style Rear View Mirror w/ 4.2" Monitor
SecurView Replacement Mirror with Built-In 4.2" LCD Monitor, Factory look, replaces existing mirror, 2 Sets of AV inputs, Distance guard, Anti glare

PART#: SV-9155

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  • Replacement style rear view mirror monitor
  • Mirror completely replaces the OEM mirror
  • Built-in 4.2" LCD screen
  • Screen is invisible when not in use
  • Distance guard feature to help judge distance when backing up your vehicle
  • Built-in speaker for audio playback
  • Anti-glare protection
  • (2) audio / video Inputs: Auto switching for reverse camera
  • Normal or reverse image switching
The SecurView™ SV-9155 is a replacement style rear view mirror monitor for driver's that want a video camera system with the factory look. This style of mirror completely replaces the OEM mirror while giving you the convenience of a 4.5" LCD monitor. Once the mirror is installed it looks completely factory and the screen is completely invisible when not in use.
The mirror not only has the screen but also comes with (2) sets of video and audio inputs for a reverse camera and an external DVD player, or for two reverse cameras. The primary video input has auto switching capability when the reverse camera activates. A distance guard display can be activated on the reverse camera's input to help the driver judge distance when backing up. The built-in speaker will provide audio playback for cameras with a built-in microphone.
The SV-9155 can be used with any of the SecurView™ or PlateCam™ cameras or any other camera that uses an RCA cable video connection.

The SV-9155 is a replacement style rear view mirror that completely takes the place of your existing factory rear view mirror when installed. It has a built-in 4.5" LCD screen which turns completely invisible when it is not in use and will automatically turn on when the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

WARNING: Some OEM rear view mirrors may have built-in electronic components such as OnStar™, Compass and Thermometers or dome lamps. Removal of the factory mirror may result in non-operation of these components. Make sure to check with your installer before removing the factory mirror