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Hella HEL-012588151

Hella, Classic Horn Set, 12V, 110 dB
Classic Universal Horn Set, 12V, 110 dB

PART#: HEL-012588151

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Functional Principle : 
Horns are powered by the battery current signal, which is commonly handled by a voltage pulse sent from the steering wheel. The current signal is transferred to a relay, which transmits the entire control current, preventing voltage drops. As the horn is powered by the electric current, it forms a magnetic field, which attracts a metal core together with a steel diaphragm. This attraction causes vibrations, which are transformed by varying resonances in order to gain low or high tones.

Nominal Voltage :
 (1) 7 - 12 V: for automotive vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc. (2) 7 - 24 V: for commercial vehicles, buses, municipal vehicles, etc.
  • Application - Universal
  • Diameter (mm) - 77
  • Rated Voltage -12 V
  • Current - Max 4.0 Amp
  • Frequency 360/430 Hz
  • Sound 110 dB(A)