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Avital 5305L

Avital 2-way, LCD. Remote Start + Alarm System
Avital 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security

PART#: 5305L

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  • Avital's top-of-the-line security and remote start system will start your car with the push of a button from up to 1,500 feet away
  • confirm it has started on the large LCD screen of the 2-way remote.
  • Security works the same way: when you arm or disarm your system, you will receive confirmation on the 2-way remote, and if your siren sounds the remote will beep or vibrate to let you know, from up to 1,500 feet away. System comes with one 2-way and one 4-button 1-way remote. Part#474S
  • New! Virtual TachTM eliminates the need for a tach wire in most installations
  • New! D2D serial data port for Xpresskits
  • 2-Way LCD 4-button remote is backlit, has tone and vibe modes, Part#:7345L 
  • Zone IDCommand confirmations and event notifications via the LCD remote control
  • Temp Check and clock time via the LCD remote control
  • One-Way functions with the 4-button companion remote (included)
  • All the security features you expect - Zone-2 Impact sensor, Fault-proof starter interrupt, Nuisance Prevention, Warn-Away, Revenger siren, and more!