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Kicker Classic KIC-CK8

Kicker 8GA Amp Kit 2-Channel with Interconnects


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+KICKER top-quality, Hyper-Flex™ power, ground and turn-on

+High-performance K-Series speaker wire and interconnects in ultra-compact, easy-to-use design

+Heavy-duty AFS fuse holder and fuses featuring K-Mount™ for screws or zip ties

+Convenient kit includes terminals, spade and ground lugs, zip ties – all the details

Complete Kits include:

+Frost-blue power wire (17 ft)

+Frost-black terminated ground wire (2 ft)

+Clear remote turn-on lead wire (18AWG – 17 ft)

+K-Series speaker wire 16AWG, parallel

(round/frost clear and square/frost blue – 40 ft)

+K-Series interconnect cable (2-channel/5m)

+AFS single-fuse holder ([2] 1/0 or 4AWG in and out)

+2 nickel-plated crimp-ring terminals (blue and black)

+Blue vinyl butt splice (22-18AWG)

+Nickel-plated black spade lug (22-18AWG)

+4 nickel-plated spade lugs #8

(blue and black – 16-14AWG)

+6 black zip ties

+Black snap bushing

+Self-tapping ground lug with washer