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Kenwood CMOS-320

Kenwood Advanced Multi Angle Rear View Camera


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01/​31/20 To 03/06/20​ 

Advanced Rearview Camera

The CMOS-320 multi-view camera is equipped with an advanced image processor that is capable of altering viewing angles and increasing the number of viewing options including corner views and adding graphic

guidelines to the camera image. Easily switch between the many viewing options using the touch screen from a compatible DNN or DNX receiver. 

  • 5 View modes - overhead view, wide, picture-in-picture, corner views
  • Control button included to switch view modes
  • Also control camera from compatible Kenwood touch screen head units
  • Auto reverse detection
  • 190 degree horizontal view, 151 degree vertical view 
  • 25 foot cable
  • can be set up as a front camera as well with select head units
  • Includes camera, cable, control button, mounting bracket, power cord and switching unit
  • Built-in power supply