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Kicker 10ZXSUM8

Kicker Summing Interface


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  • Sums up to four speaker-level stereo pairs down to a single stereo RCA low-level output
  • Each stereo channel is capable of both summing and line-output conversion; switched internally
  • Integrate portable media direct to your amp using aux-in and level control
  • 4 stereo speaker-level inputs
  • 4 line-level stereo RCA outputs
  • 1 stereo RCA aux-input
  • Balance levels from multiple speaker-level sources
  • Multi-function remote controls both the aux-input level and the Channel-4 output to separately adjust bass and aux levels from the same remote source  

Model ZXSUM8
Max Voltage In: Vrms 40
Max Aux-In Voltage: Vrms 40
Max Voltage Out (Chan. 1-3): Vrms 9
Max Voltage Out (Chan. 4): Vrms 6
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Chan. 1-3) ref 1V: dB 90
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Chan. 4) ref 1V, < 200Hz: dB 90
Remote Attenuation Range: dB 0 to -27
Frequency Response: Hz 20 - 22,000
Gain Range (Ch1, 2, 3, 4): dB -30 to +4
Gain Range (Aux Input): dB -65 to +18
Fuse: Amps 2
Width: in (cm) 10-1/2 (26.5)
Depth: in (cm) 5-3/4 (14.6)
Height: in (cm) 1-3/8 (3.5)

The KICKER® ZXSUM8™ Summing Interface provides complete integration of aftermarket audio products into a vehicle’s factory OE system, while adding a handy auxiliary-input jack for entertainment from portable media devices. It assists in upgrading a stereo system by feeding KICKER Amplifiers a well-balanced meal of beefy full-range audio without having to replace the source unit.

Specifically, the ZXSUM8 sums and balances multiple signals of varying frequency ranges from a factory system into a single full-bandwidth, line-level signal to drive aftermarket amplifiers with full force over the entire audio spectrum.

The interface features four stereo speaker-level inputs and four line-level stereo RCA outputs, and each stereo channel is internally capable of both summing and line-output conversion. Portable media devices such as iPods® or iPhones™ can be integrated into the mobile system with the addition of a stereo RCA aux-input.

A convenient remote handles multiple functions of the ZXSUM8, including the control of aux-input level and Channel-4 output to separately adjust bass and auxiliary levels from the same remote source.